3M Peltor TEP100 Tactical Earplug Kit Earplugs 30 dB Black

3M Peltor

3M/Peltor's TEP-100 Tactical Earplug Kit contains two In the Ear Earplugs and a protective storage case that also serves as a charging kit for the earplugs. The TEP-100 is a compact, lightweight, and rechargeable electronic earplug. These are ideal for hunting, Law Enforcement, Military Maintenance, Repair and Operation and Military Tactical Shooting. Each earplug is designed to be placed inside the ear and amplifies low frequency environmental listening and serve as hearing protection if a sudden dangerous frequency is detected. They are rugged and water resistant and have one button that both turns on the power and selects high or normal volume settings. The lithium Ion batteries provide up to sixteen hours of continuous operation between charges.

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