Slide Fire® SSAK-47® HYB Stock

Slide Fire Solutions

Personalize the look and fit of your AK by installing your favorite mil-spec AR-15 stock. An interchangeable pistol grip mount allows for installation of either AK or AR pistol grips, while the reversible finger rest allows for use by both left and right-handed shooters. The new chassis system is aircraft grade aluminum, precision machined in order to maintain a smooth sliding action while minimizing excess play.

*Please Note – QD Mounts are not provided with the PAP model*

Most stamped Receivers.
PAP Model compatible with Zastava N-PAP.
Will not fit milled receivers or under-folders.
Some Sling Plates may not be compatible.
Not compatible with Chinese made AKs

SSAK-47®HYB Chassis
A2 Stock and Pistol Grip

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